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The Kosher Cheerleader

August 3 - August 27

Celebrated comedian Sandy Gelfound who has performed as a stand-up alongside some of the greats, including Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, spins this hilarious, and at times heartbreaking, true story of her journey from NFL Cheerleader to Orthodox Jew. Born with a literal hole in her heart, Gelfound’s quest to fill that void takes her, and us, on a journey where she expertly embodies the outrageous characters of her life in this singing, dancing, cartwheeling comedy that leaves audiences cheering Rah-Rah-Baruch-Atah.

Compelling” . . . “Engaging” . . . “Beguiling!
- Christine Dolen, The Miami Herald

Hilarious” . . . “Remarkable Story” . . . “Had the audience in the palm of her hand
- Cynthia Citron, KABC Talk Radio

Brilliantly plays castanet playing blonde”
- Amy Lyons, Studio City Sun


Running Time:
90 minutes (2 acts with intermission)

Show Times:
Thu. 2:00PM & 7:30PM, Fri. 7:30PM, Sat. 2:00PM & 7:30PM, Sun. 2:00PM


Raunchy Little Musical - Belle Barth is Back!

October 6 - November 12

Before Amy Schumer or Sarah Silverman...before Joan Rivers or Roseanne, Belle Barth was the original, irreverent female comic deflating anyone who dare take sex too seriously.

Belle Barth burst on the 1950s Miami Beach scene as the “female” Lenny Bruce. The self-proclaimed founder of “Ball Breakers Anonymous,” this purveyor of dirty jokes had an attitude that made her off-limits for Ed Sullivan. Belle topped the charts of the Adult Only record section. Her records were the forbidden fruit of the Fifties—with 3 million of her “party records” serving as sex education for today's baby boomers. Her nightclub act was SRO from Miami to Chicago, New York to Vegas to LA.

In Belle's words: "I talk dirty in a cute way!"

Raunchy Little Musical is an evening with this pioneer of edgy comedy peppered with plenty of Belle Barth’s original jokes. Poignant moments from her private life and loves emerge – as well as high and low comedy.

The show portrays the life of the nightclub diva with a salute to the circuit of stars and sensibility of the 50's and beyond. Backed by a three-piece on-stage band, nationally known actor/singer/comedienne, Sara DelBeato belts the "ditties of the titties" and grabs Belle's character by…well, you know!

Raunchy Little Musical is an unforgettable, 90-minute musical, filled with laughter and touching reminders of the ongoing struggle of women and men to find both love and sex…and a good laugh. And in Belle's words: "If I embarrass you…tell your friends!"


Running Time:
90 minutes (no intermission)

Show Times:
Wed. 7:30PM, Thu. 2:00PM & 7:30PM, Fri. 7:30PM, Sat. 2:00PM & 7:30PM, Sun. 2:00PM


Cooking with the Calamari Sisters

January 25, 2018 - March 18, 2018

Mangia Italiano!

Hilarity, delicious dishes and two over-the-top plus-size Italian Sisters from Brooklyn (stars of their very own fictional cable television show) take you on a Tour de Force of Italian, pop & show tunes and cuisine as they sing (Volare, Botcha – Me and much more), dance, joke, and laugh through a very special cooking lesson! Straight from sold out engagements across the country, Delphine & Carmela perform outrageous musical numbers, while designing their latest culinary offerings. Don't be surprised if they get a bit naughty when they update their treasured family recipes with saucy secrets and anecdotes that will leave you rolling in the aisles. And who knows? You may get a chance to sample these two sisters' kitchen creations. Be prepared to eat your heart out and laugh until your sides hurt.

Cooking with the Calamari Sisters is an uproarious and unique show that will keep you laughing out loud from curtain to curtain
- New Jersey Herald

- Philadelphia Inquirer

Delightful and Absolutely Delicious”
- NY Newsday


Running Time:
90 minutes (2 acts with intermission)

Show Times:
Thu. 2:00PM & 8:00PM, Fri. 8:00PM, Sat. 2:00PM & 8:00PM, Sun. 2:00PM


Old Jews Telling Jokes

January 17, 2018 - March 4, 2018

Get ready for an outrageous evening of one-liners, double-entendres, songs, skits, and hysterical routines sure to triple you over with laughter!

Created by Peter Gethers and Daniel Okrent, OLD JEWS TELLING JOKES showcases five actors in a comedy that pays tribute to and reinvents classic jokes of the past and present.

Like rye bread, kosher pickles and bagels, this show is for everyone! You'll laugh 'til you plotz..

Warning! Adult (BAWDY) Humor! For Age 21+

Hilarious! ... Magnificent, Enduring Rhythm of Jewish Humor!
- New York Times

The Laughs-Per-Minute Average Is As High As Anything You'll Find On Stage!
- The New Yorker

No Joke! This Show Is Funny! A Warm, Inclusive, Affirmative Show!”
- Chicago Tribune


Running Time:
85 minutes (no intermission)

Show Times:
Wed. 7:30PM, Thu. 2:30PM & 7:30PM, Fri. 7:30PM, Sat. 2:30PM & 7:30PM, Sun. 2:30PM